Are You Tired Of The Tyres? Three Creative Ideas To Recycle Old And Used Tyres

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Are You Tired Of The Tyres? Three Creative Ideas To Recycle Old And Used Tyres

Are You Tired Of The Tyres? Three Creative Ideas To Recycle Old And Used Tyres

26 September 2014
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Old tyres can be a hassle to dispose of and they take up a lot of needed room in your storage. You have endless possibilities when it comes to finding creative and exciting ways to reuse your old tyres. They are a great way to transform your garden from boring to bold in no time at all. Below is a list of creative items you can make from old tyres. These ideas will make your garden area stand out among your neighbours.

Flower Beds

If you have a spare tyre, like those from TYRE POWER MIAMI, in your garage that you don't know what to do with, turn it in a flower bed and hangs on your wall. These flower beds add the prefect touch of uniqueness and beauty to your yard. To create this crafty bed by yourself, you will need:

  • One old tyre
  • Sabre saw
  • 6 feet of thin rope
  • Soil
  • Assortment of flowers

Step 1: Using the sabre saw, cut the tyre completely in half.

Step 2: Pour soil into each half of the tyre. Be sure to pour in a good amount.

Step 3: Place all of your flowers, firmly, in the soil.

Step 4: Cut the thin rope into equal parts with the goal that both parts. You want both pieces to equal three feet.

Step 5: Using a small knife, cut a small hole into each side of the tyres and secure the rope into each end.

You now have a hanging flower bed that you can hang on a wall or a tree branch.

If you want to give yourself extra bragging rights to your friends, you can make your own soil using old vegetable peels to make your flowers more healthy and vibrant. Vegetables are rich with the vitamins that a plant needs in order to grow to is fullest and most beautiful potential.

Snail Statues

Transforming your old tyres into a variety of yard statues is another creative way to recycle. The easiest statue to make from old tyres is a snail. For this charming project, you will need:

  • An old tyre
  • Sabre saw
  • Yellow and brown acrylic paint
  • Permanent marker

Step 1: Cut through one side of the tyre completely and let it curl up naturally. The tyre needs to curl up naturally so that it resembles a snail's shell.

Step 2: Paint the head of the snail yellow and the body brown. Wait until the tyre completely dries.

Step 3: After the paint has dried, colour on the facial features using the permanent marker

These statues are great if you have children or grandchildren. Ask them to help you with the project to add in a little family time.

A Teeter Totter

Another great idea if you have little ones in your life is to turn your old tyres into a children's teeter totter. Placing a teeter totter in your yard is not only creative and unique, but it will also give your young ones something to do while you are busy in your garden.

For this home made craft, you will need:

  • An old tyre
  • Sabre saw
  • A long piece of strong wood
  • Screws
  • Paint
  • Old dresser handles

Step 1: Cut the tyre in half using the sabre saw.

Step 2: Cut down the piece of wood until it is six feet long and two feet wide.

Step 3: Sand down the wood until it is smooth and splinter free.

Step 4: Paint the wood and the tyre the desired colour.

Step 5: Secure the middle of the wood to the top of the old tyre with the screws.

Step 6: Secure the drawer handles to the piece of wood to make handle bars.

To make this teeter totter more stable for the children, it is best to choose cedar as the wood you use. Cedar is strong and it is durable when it comes to the environment.

Reusing your tyres is more creative and interesting than you might think. With a little creative energy you can transform your old tyres into lovely garden pieces.

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