Are you worried about how your tyres perform on wet roads? Find out how your tyres can keep you safe.


Three Surprising Facts About Spare Tyres

20 January 2022
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Most motorists adopt the out of sight out of mind approach regarding spare tyres. This might explain why spare tyres do not get much attention until a driver gets a flat tyre. Well, despite being a legal requirement, the spare tyre in your trunk is essential for a safer and more hassle-free journey. Therefore, just like how you stay on top of car maintenance, you should pay close attention to a spare tyre.
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Getting new tyres for wet roads

We live in an area with a lot of rainfall each summer, which can result in slippery roads. It can be quite scary to drive fast if you don't have good tyres with good grip. That's why I am always careful to get my tyres checked each year before the wet weather starts, so that I can drive with confidence. I've gotten pretty savvy at working out the best deals to get my wheels replaced so that I can always know I am safe. This blog has tips on cost-effective options for wet road tyres and should be good for anyone who lives in a wet area.