Common Causes of Truck Tyre Glitches to Watch Out For

Are you worried about how your tyres perform on wet roads? Find out how your tyres can keep you safe.

Common Causes of Truck Tyre Glitches to Watch Out For

Common Causes of Truck Tyre Glitches to Watch Out For

10 December 2015
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If you are involved in the truck haulage business, then you know that you can't afford any sorts of delays on the road. Paying adequate attention to your truck tyres is critical to ensuring that your trucks will stay running for as long as you need them. Tyre problems and their causes, if left unchecked, can result in fatal road accidents. Read this article to learn how to avoid common causes of tyre problems. 

Incorrect tread patterns

Your shoes have tread. It is this tread that helps your shoes grip firmly on the ground whenever you are walking. Things are no different when it comes to the tread on your truck tyres. Disregarding the abnormal wear on the tread of your tyres means that your trucks will be unable to have a good, balanced grip of the road surface, making it easy for your trucks to get involved in accidents. Irregular truck tyre tread will cause your trucks to sway dangerously, especially when they are being driven at high speeds, exposing your truck drivers and other road users to the risk of suffering severe bodily injuries or even loss of life. Check your truck tyres for unusual tread wear at every possible chance.

Over-inflation or under-inflation of tyres

What happens when you put too much air in a balloon? It bursts! And, how about when it does not have enough air inside? It won't fly as high as you'd want it to. The situation is almost the same with over-inflated and under-inflated tyres; they'll disappoint you. Worse still, they'll put people's lives at risk as they can burst loudly and distract your truck drivers while they are on the road. Ensure that all your truck tyres are inflated correctly before they are loaded at the loading bay. This will reduce the time wasted to change deflated or ruptured tyres, and it will allow you to deliver merchandise to clients in good time.

Reckless driving

it is not always about the condition of the roads; some of the problems you may experience with your truck tyres may be due in part to reckless driving. Tyres are essentially the only point of contact between your trucks and the surface of the road. If truck drivers negotiate sharp corners at high speeds, swerve past other cars when overtaking or pass through very rough terrains without minding potholes, then they will be increasing the rate at which your truck tyres will get worn out.

While you may not be in a position to do much about how drivers handle your trucks once they head for the roads, indicating your company's contact details on the trucks' body parts for any concerned members of the public to report cases of reckless driving can help remind bad drivers that they may be spotted and reported for such unacceptable behavior. This will make them drive your trucks more carefully and will save truck tyres a whole lot of premature wear.

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