Car Tyres | 3 Telltale Signs Of Poor Tyre Alignment For First-Time Car Drivers

Are you worried about how your tyres perform on wet roads? Find out how your tyres can keep you safe.

Car Tyres | 3 Telltale Signs Of Poor Tyre Alignment For First-Time Car Drivers

Car Tyres | 3 Telltale Signs Of Poor Tyre Alignment For First-Time Car Drivers

13 January 2016
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Tyres must be properly aligned for your car to run smoothly, but several reasons could cause poor tyre alignment –– whether it is because of a collision or because you drove into a pothole. In most cases, poor tyre alignment is the result of regular wear and tear. Detecting poor alignment in tyres in advance will not only save you expensive repair costs later but will also prevent potential accidents. While experienced drivers may notice tyre alignment problems easily, first-time car drivers will benefit from knowing these telltale signs of poor tyre alignment.

Abnormal Tyre Wear

If you notice abnormal and uneven wearing out of your tyres, then it could be because of an alignment problem. This uneven wear normally occurs on the outer edges of the tyres and will affect the balance of your car. If ignored, abnormal tyre wear will impact the long-run efficiency of your car, leading to more expensive problems later. Excessively worn out treads on the outer edge of the tyres could mean that there is excessive toe-in. A mechanic specialising in tyre alignment will inspect your car before suggesting a proper remedial measure. For example, excessively worn out tyres may need complete replacement before the wheel alignment job. In other cases, simple tyre alignment will do the trick.

Pulling Or Crooked Steering Wheel

A tyre alignment problem will give rise to several different problems with your steering wheel. This could ultimately affect your ability to drive safely. Poor wheel alignment could cause your steering wheel to pull to one side as you drive. This will hamper your car's balance. To know if your car steering is pulling to one side, drive it on a smooth and even road to inspect whether the balance is shifting towards a single side. If you notice an off-centre or crooked steering wheel when you get into the car, it could be because the tyre alignment is off. Be sure to head to a mechanic immediately to get your tyres aligned before a pulling or crooked steering wheel causes an accident.

Steering Wheel Vibrations

Steering wheel vibrations could be because of several reasons, but one of the most prominent causes is poor tyre alignment. If you notice the steering wheel constantly vibrating as you drive, then it could be because your tyres have alignment problems. These vibrations usually feel more severe when your car starts to slow down. A mechanic will assess whether the vibrations in your steering wheel are because of poor tyre alignment.

Addressing these alignment problems in your tyres early will save you a ton of money in expensive repair costs later.

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