If Automobile Tyres Could Speak, What Would They Say

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If Automobile Tyres Could Speak, What Would They Say

If Automobile Tyres Could Speak, What Would They Say

22 January 2016
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It is important for vehicle owners to understand the language spoken by their performance tyres in a bid to ensure that the tyres are in top shape. Unfortunately, automobile tyres are inanimate. However, if they had the ability to speak here is a sample of what they would probably say in light of different tyre-related problems.

"Go Easy On The Pressure"

Many times, the treads on automobile tyres will show a greater extent of wear at the center of the tyre's surface as compared to that which is evident on other parts of the tyre.

This problem is commonly associated with over-inflated automobile tyres. Over-inflation of automobile tyres causes the tyre's central ring to be in contact with the road surface at the expense of other parts of the tyre. Consequently, only a small portion of the tyre's rubber will be in contact with the road surface, which leads to traction-related problems.

If automobile tyres had the ability to speak, they would probably tell the vehicle owner to go easy on the pressure whenever they're being filled up.

In the event of central wear with the correct tyre pressure, the vehicle tyres would probably say that they're not a perfect match for the wheel, and that there's need for replacement of either the tyres or the wheel.

"It's Time For Replacement"

Bulging and cracking are also common problems associated with the use of automobile tyres. In many cases, large cracks on the tyre's sidewall result from impact-related action (e.g. hitting potholes) and from chronic under-inflation of the tyres. Smaller cracks spread across the sidewall surface often indicate that tyres are aged or that they've been affected by the action of harsh weather elements.

Bulging refers to a situation in which a portion of the tyre's surface is distorted by something that looks like a large-size pimple. Bulges on automobile tyres occur when impact-related action results in internal damage of the tyre.

Bulged and cracked tyres would ask to be replaced with new ones if automobile tyres had the ability to speak.

"Bad Suspension"

In some situations, vehicle tyres will have patterns of alternating depressions and projections on the tyre surface. This tyre-related problem is referred to as cupping or scalloping.

Given the ability to speak, automobile tyres would tell the vehicle owner that she or he has a damaged suspension system that needs to be checked. The poor suspension results in involuntary bouncing of the tyres. As such, the tyres will come down harder on specific parts of the tyre (causing depressions). Projections on the tyre surface will be evident on parts of the tyre that were not hit as hard.  

Tyres don't speak, but automobile owners should take heed of the nonverbal messages they give from time to time.

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