Three Surprising Facts About Spare Tyres

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Three Surprising Facts About Spare Tyres

Three Surprising Facts About Spare Tyres

20 January 2022
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Most motorists adopt the out of sight out of mind approach regarding spare tyres. This might explain why spare tyres do not get much attention until a driver gets a flat tyre. Well, despite being a legal requirement, the spare tyre in your trunk is essential for a safer and more hassle-free journey. Therefore, just like how you stay on top of car maintenance, you should pay close attention to a spare tyre. It could be the difference between arriving at your destination safely or spending the night on a highway.

That said, many motorists don't know much about spare tyres. Therefore, this post highlights a few surprising facts about spare tyres.

Part of Roadworthy Inspections

As long as your car is older than five years, you are expected to present it for roadworthy inspections to a certified vehicle inspector. Ideally, roadworthy inspections are designed to determine whether a vehicle is safe enough to ply Australian roads. Notably, an accredited vehicle inspector assesses several components in a car, including the four tyres, windscreen, brake system, steering components, lighting systems, exhaust and safety features such as seatbelts and airbags. However, most drivers are surprised to learn that spare tyres are also integral to the roadworthy inspection process. In fact, if all other components are in good condition but the spare tyre, the chances are high that you will not be issued with a roadworthy certificate. Inspect your spare tyre's stability in the trunk before you present your car for inspection.

Might Activate Warning Lights

When you get a puncture and need to replace a flat tyre, the spare could activate the brake and anti-lock braking system warning lights. Most drivers often panic and call towing services for assistance. However, it is common for the warning lights to come on because spare tyres tend to spin faster than the other three wheels. Despite the warning lights, spare tyres do not usually affect the braking system in any way. However, it is advisable to drive slowly and safely until your reach your destination or a garage. The warning lights will turn off once you replace the spare tyre with a longer-lasting solution.

Unused Spare Tyres also Deteriorate

One of the most common misconceptions about spare tyres is that they remain in good condition as long as you do not use them. Unfortunately, this is not true because spare tyres will deteriorate over time, albeit slowly. The reason is that conditions in a trunk, such as high temperatures, can lead to fluctuating pressure and wear and tear. Therefore, if you have not used a spare tyre for a couple of years, inspect its condition first before using it. The last thing you need is to replace a flat tyre with a worn-out spare.

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